Most of the businesses can easily tell the number of sales transactions they have every day or month and the amount of money they drive out of it on a daily or monthly basis. However, when questioned regarding the number of customers, they seem clueless. Tracking who is spending how much and how often requires loyalty programs, whereby customers are incentivized to share their details that are, then, linked with their transactions. Imagine a business having 10,000 transactions monthly and it turns out that those 10,000 transactions were made by 3000 customers. Out of 3000 customers 2000 came 4 times and 1000 came 2 times. This vital information may be used to incentivize 1000 customers that came only 2 times to come one more time, resulting in your business growth by 20%, just from your existing customers. The City Rewardz platform can design and set up such initiatives for you in no time and enable you with smart marketing techniques. So, if you wish to grow your business through your existing customers.

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